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Google’s Heart

Google’s Heart idea is about changing how the content maker and end user understand and experience the web through a fundamental change inside the google search engine’s end user results algorithm …

If you are someone working at the Heart of Google, you are welcomed to first read A Love Letter to Google ...

Background thoughts about Google's Heart


Once the world wide web was a place for personal websites, personal journals and a very limited place for companies and even much more limited for softwares which works on the internet. Google search engine was back then the best offer on the market to search within all these informations and to find what you are looking for.

Today we live in a different place. Internet or better said the world wide web is not the same place as the past. The biggest shift that still no-ones talks about it is not the idea of cloud computing or … it is the way people understands the web and interacts with it. This structure defines which companies are going to seed lots of success and which going to despair even they started with better ideas and better teams the others.

Human being and the world wide web

It was not Facebook, Twitter or … which turned the web to web 2.0. What is most important in understanding where the web is going today is a look back to the time where blogging become popular.

Let us search for the answer of a simple question: What does Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and … and … do?

They help you to share something about yourself in some way. The tendency to give something from yourself to someone else, is the core idea of lots of services available on the web. Surly some of these services has changed this natural future of human beings in such drastic ways that you may not be able to follow it back to this idea but it doesn’t mean that there is any other reason than the desire/tendency of human being to share the products of their beings with others which causes the web to blossom.

All these companies to some degree are aware of the great desires in their costumers for sharing themselves but they care more about making more money, becoming more rich than any other things. I don’t think that you must blame these companies because of this. These companies are just the products of the society in which we lives and if you don’t care for people around you, if you don’t value the people who care for other people and instead adore the one who has more money, bigger house, better body and more wealth, there is no wonder that in such society peoples become successful who cares more for money, for wealth, for sex than for human being, than for their costumers, than for people whom they claim, they are servicing.

Introduction about the shift

The shift that I’m talking about is not about the name of the companies which has changed or the form of their services but what people’s opinion about what they share and the way they share it.

The wide believed mistake is that it all happened because of Facebook but the truth is that Facebook founder and all its developers were perhaps absolutely unaware of what was going on. It is not unusual that they were unaware because the field in which they are professional is computer and web programming but not understanding the cultural shifts within different generations of society or humans understanding of ethic, moral, law and simply good or bad. Take an example a cook usually have no idea what happens with the food he prepares inside the people who eat it and a doctor usually doesn’t bother himself to know the taste of things that people eat, the same is true about the computer programmers and web developer, they really won’t and usually can’t care what social, cultural and individual impacts their products or going to have on their costumers, immediately, short-term and long term. What they care in regard of their costumer is whether they would like it or not, if the will use it or not and lots of questions like this.

What is this shift

Put it simply it is the shift from believing that you yourself are able to share your idea in the best way possible to whomever you want to the idea that the easiest, most efficient and most fast way to share your idea is using the products of the companies on the web, and this idea is so widely and intensely advertised that we simply forget that still we are able to share our ideas with whomever we want, in better ways and usually much cheaper.

Don’t get me wrong. Don’t fool yourself with the idea that you can open an account on Facebook, Pinterest or … for free and they never asks you to pay for anything. Using this services have very huge costs for society and you are not going to see these costs unless you imagine a world without them and not just without them but with alternatives and then see how the things functions. How people are going to be payed, which field are going to be more attractive to the students attending a university and lots of, lots of other things.

Is this shift good or bad?

Now days this is question has a clear answer. The shift is proved to be wrong. This is a change for bad. The very simple explanation why this shift is bad, is because this believe that the products of these companies are the best possible way to share yourself at the moment is totally wrong, but why still lots of people and me too, using these products every day, and how might a change take place, I’ll write about the next time, if Allah wills.

The web before and after blogging


In the eyes of a web developer, the web in its todays shape is an amazing place with limitless possibilities and functionalities but for the average user web is just something that usually doesn’t functions well. Put it along the fact that an average user usually don’t know what they want, until it’s widely used on the market, you can very easily get to the conclusion that web sucks or politely said, it has a great opportunity for improvements.

Blogging a big step towards improvement

Blogging and online forums for the first time enabled people to publish something on the web without the hassle of learning computer programming, web development, HTML, CSS and … I would nearly agree with this story save one fact. The main hassle is not that you must be a web developer to be able to publish something in a desirable format on the web but the real difficulty is to understand/recognize/create the best form possible for a desirable publishing on the web.

Let us explore this statement further with an example. „RSS“ - Really [!] Simple [!] Syndication - an amazing service, people thought. You want to keep up with the blog you usually read, then simply add their RSS feed to your RSS reader. 

This technology had lots of lots of problems that actually today no body really uses it, but beyond the complicity of recognizing what an RSS feed and RSS reader is and how to work with them for a use with no experience with computer, the real problem of RSS is its design.

„No body ever wants to keep up with a blog unless some very very dedicated blog reader that will not be more than the fingers of a hand“

Introduction about the shift

The shift that I’m talking about is not about the name of the companies which has changed or the form of their services but what people think about what they share and the way they share it.

The reason is simple. What matters for you usually is not an especial blog, but perhaps an especial author on that blog or the posts of this especial author regarding to an especial subject or even more often you want to know what your friends are reading and thinking about different blog posts or who commented on what and RSS feed has no understanding for all these wishes/desires/needs.

Big steps forward and backward [!]

Then Facebook came up. For the first time you can follow people instead of adding their blog’s RSS feed to your RSS reader. (Just compare the tow terms I am using „following your friend on Facebook“ or „adding your friends RSS feed to your RSS reader“, I think you can understand the reason of Facebook’s success over all other services in the past.)

But what Facebook didn’t and still don’t do, is to give you the possibility to publish what you want. Then Pinterest, Tumbler and Twitter came up. The same functions as Facebook in term of following the people your interested and the difference in what kind of information and in which format you can publish your thoughts, feelings, works and etc. For Pinterest it is an especial form of pictures, for Twitter some 240 characters (now pictures and videos too) and for Tumbler the traditional blog format but with the possibility to follow other bloggers.

What I tried to explain here is just one of important characteristics of things that happened during the past in regard of interaction between users and services on the web. [I’ll thank you for your understanding, not to reveal all my observations for free on Lost Ideas Lab.]

These were great steps toward bringing the web to how people wanted it to be or in the best form possible to takle hard tasks for users -share yourself with other people- but in the same time these have been great steps backward. Why? Because now you don’t own the content you publish on through companies and they are allowed to use your contents and your use of their service in order to make profit from it. This is a very unjust agreement. It doesn’t matter that both parties are satisfied with these agreements, an unjust agreement remains unjust.

Just agreements on web?

What is just and unjust and why? Which possible ideas and options do we have to make just deals in terms of services offered on the web? Will be the themes of my next article, if Allah wills.

Some thoughts about a just web - part 1
A brief history of changes in mail solutions on the internet


Once web was a place to share your information with the whole world, but feature to share your feelings, thoughts and ideas just with some very few persons was already possible through internet. Then again some smart people developed very interesting code pieces that now enables us to share our thoughts, feelings, pictures and very private moments or very secured documents with just few clicks on your web browser, but this is not the whole story.

The old good days

Back then there was emails. Real emails. The old good emails, which you once set up on a server and then linked to it and send and received your emails through that server. Back then the servers were like a traditional post station. Reading the information on the envelop and sending the message to recipient computer and if the recipient wasn’t available, which usually were the case, if such email address wasn’t registered any where, then they turned back a copy of the message to the sender and described with very complex terms why it was not possible to deliver their message to the desired recipient.

But the technology slowly changed and the traditional post stations turned into SS-like post stations. All the letters were firstly stored on the server and then posted to the recipient and no one could exactly know what did happened with the all these stored data.

But this new post stations were a little bit more attractive, they offered their user the access to their stored data whenever they want to, because you know, it doesn’t costs much anyway and if they do so, you will spend more time on their website and they will show you more advertisement, so they will make more profit.

But is that all?

For years people were somehow forced to trust that this was the only version of reality. Then some day an ex-worker name Edward Snowden, published the evidence that proved to the world, that the users are not the only customers interested in having access to these gigantic data-bases of letters.

As the greatest mistakes in the history have usually happened in the name of a nation, this time, it could not have been an exemption. So it was just for the security [1] of US nation and its citizen. (When you read it this way, it sound a little as if a the security of a human being born in US or living there has more value than the rest of the world, that they are allowed to misuse the information of people all around the world to secure themselves agains these people … But such way of thinking is not really new in the history of civil life)

To be continued

The aim of this section of the “Humane Internet” is to provide web aware people with an introduction to one of the areas which is going in the wrong direction …

Among other reasons because of lack of audience we stopped publishing the rest of the article, but await an update from us till end of August …

The End

People who are alive today won’t understand this [as far as I know], so I write this for the future, the future generation after the crises on top of what we today call artificial intelligence and NSA, which for you people in the future will be no names. 

If we ever going to prevent repeating the fucking situation, which we today are building by our own hands, without even recognizing it, you should never allow any single individual, corporations, organization, any, really any, to have access to mass personal information, possible to make mathematical or better said rhetorical interactions on them. This is an enormous source of power, [the good news is that the much I am living now, nobody knows why, otherwise I would have killed myself, cause living in such world is not worth it, even though it could be questioned, if they would allow you to kill yourself at first place, but anyway I have the privilege to live before the AI area …] the truth is however you use this power, you are going to have more harms than benefits, even for yourself, the truth is that unless you are the God, or, at least, He has given you a few of His attitudes, you are not able to use such power to the benefit of anyone. But people of our time doesn’t understand it …

You know, I am patient with people, but they need to first build the technology, then use it, then harm themselves, then realize that they have harmed themselves, and then come to the conclusion that they should change something, then start changing things, then even after all this, maybe things might going to be more pleasant that they did before, or at least be pleasant in the same level … but the problem is that they usually don’t ever realize that they are harming themselves, their first reaction is that this is the natural course of the events, after that they are hardly able to recognize what has caused the pain, and at the very end to come to the conclusion and to a right solution, is just something as impossible. Let me give you an everyday example. People fall in love and don’t first realize the person they truly love, one of the possible scenarios, are male-female friends, who are really lovers but they themselves don’t know, and after the events of life force them to be in pain, because of such love and after they accept that they have been loving someone else than they person they initially thought they were in love with, even after all this, and these might take up to several years, usually three to five years, after these, they do hardly can come up with any solution to be in a relationship with the one they love.

Unless God saves us, we are so much in wrong doings.

1 later on it turned out, whatever happened to so much money, talents, buildings and process on the information in NSA, it was not really to the use of the national security of US, then it just could have prevented one terrorist attempt [!?!]