Two and a half recommendations to eat and drink in Lausanne

If it ever happened that you were in Lausanne, Switzerland, I recommend you a restaurant and another Cafe Restaurant.

I have just tasted the sea foods at la Suite. I can tell you, it is great. Simply, great.

The first expression, the atmosphere and even the clothing of the stewards are really great. White shirts, blue jeans and the man who seems to be the owner of the restaurant or the director in a different shirt, really a wonderful, smart and elegant combination.

To compare the food, I ordered the same in that 24 hours open restaurants on Av. des Champs-Élysées in Paris and even though they tried to be more elegant in every aspect, more expensive, more specialized in sea foods, more offers on the menu and, therefore, you expect naturally a better taste, but no. It didn’t even had the quality as same as la Suite in Lausanne.

The staff as far as I could meet them were a great combination, friendly, stressed, relax and even with an overstressed team member which is always amazing to watch him organizing 30 people get their food, drink and dessert at the same time, good job man! And the young man, who look quite new in the group and usually don’t know what to do, I can at least recommend him to be a little more aware of women, it is not bad to once kiss one if it kind of feel that you like her. [the beautiful lady who likes this man, if it ever turns out that you succeed to marry each other and I hope so for you two, in case you love each other, know that you have my best wishes. Have a life full of wonder!]

Oh, I was nearly going to forget. I think, the first time I was there, I thought, how amazing it could be to sit here with your parents but … anyway, I didn’t know by the time that you were …. oh, very very very fool me.

Let’s go to the second recommendation a great Cafe Restaurant. For that, I recommend Coccinelle Cafe. Nice place, great atmosphere, three floors, so you can choose your seat in the height that most pleases you and you have even the ability to enjoy a delicious meal there. The staff is very friendly and if I don’t talk about the taste of the Cafe, it is because it has a good enough quality, so there is no need to talk about it.

I had a wonderful experience with the staff, more friendly and open to help that I ever expected from anyone who doesn’t know you.

If you would like to compare it with the restaurant, I mentioned before, it is quite the same quality even though it has its own style, so expect something casual, not elegant. The only different in the quality in respect of their style that you can find is in clothing. Everything as good and for this Cafe I can even agree with the black color of clothing just I think it puts too much stress on breasts. It is possible to have the same quality and style in dressing casual without that much stress on breasts. Overall a good choice.

But let’s go to my first and last half piece of recommendation, even though these two places can help you have a wonderful experience, I believe eating and drinking doesn’t matter, what matters is with whom you enjoy it. So to be with the person you love, I recommend you to even give up your life, for sure, never doubt it.

Photo by Ludovic Péron

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