The Lost Ideas Lab Journal, Issue #9: today's politic

3 weeks ago | Notification

Hi there,

The issue #9 of The Lost Ideas Lab Journal is out and this issue is unusually packed with articles that address some of the day's political themes, while as always our focus is humans, or differently said, on people and individuals.

Hope you love it, or at least enjoy the read ...

Thank you for your interest in following what I'm up to, I hope our works deserve your support ...

Light against darkness

Light against darkness hopes to provide a tiny bit of information around Quran, even though the businesses of all those [fake] religious or political leaders, governments, for-profit or not-for-profit organizations and … seem to be flourishing better than ever, those who still have an ear may realize the truth from lies and those who fear A Higher Existence may come to stop following such false interpretations ...


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Human beings are important to us, so is it important for us to provide those who mattared us so much to mention them in our rightings with a mean to know that about themselvs.

Some of the articles, posts, poems and other forms of publications are linked to people's name who are in some forms referenced in them.