Caring for myself ...

4 months ago | Reflections

After several days of being extremely squeezed out of hope about life, especially as any ideas that I [wish to] work on can't happen in my current life situation and that everyone I ever felt attracted to, happens to be with someone else, one way or the other ...

Somehow by accident, I watched "Into The Wild" and my life seemed so much like him, and I couldn't find a way out of it, nor the movie offers such, at least, I decided to care more for myself, I mean the very least, eat good, and here you have the result:

For the first time I cooked a meal with supplement for myself without any special occasion for it, the main food was fish and this is the main part of supplement but as you can see, the fish is not here because I ate it for lunch and forgot that I cooked this stuff, so they were served as dinner! Can you imagine you cook something and then forget to eat it, and even you are hungry the whole time?

Allah, seriously, this is not going to work ... What? You yourself put man and women for each other, look, without a woman I can put all the effort and even cook for myself but it won't have any benefit as one forgets to eat the stuff too ... What a joy on eating without someone you love? but maybe we rather don't talk about love, cuz then I get easily caught to not eat at all ...

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