You, me and the Orlando you think that separates us …

1 year ago | Reflections

I wish you knew what I think about homosexuality. I wish my mind and heart had a key to give it to you and ask you to come and visit any time as you please.

I wish I could bring out my heart from my chest and  hand to you and ask you to spend the rest of your life with me, and if your respond were negative, to end my life in this world.

I found the event in Orlando horrible and worse that abuser of religion tries to present that these things are done in the name of religion. The past week I couldn’t stop thinking of how to talk that this is not the religion …

Dear N. I hope one day you see the wonderful soul I saw behind the cover of your opinions and judgements, maybe one day you could recognize, to my heart you felt like my rescue, even thought you believed I must hate you because of your behavior or sexual preferences …


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