N’s Ideas Hub, new introductory series …

1 year ago | Notification

Few months after a miserable first introduction at StartupWeekend Luzern [a very unsuccessful experiment but some lessons learned and some interesting people met …], it became clear that we need an extremely simplified introductory for N’s Ideas Hub, so maybe people understand us a little better.

Today are the first two chapters of this introductory session made online on the N’s Ideas Hub section of the website.

Please don’t hesitate to sent us your comments about how you find this introductory series. These two chapters are very early drafts and perhaps needs lots of improvements …

I have to thank David Bachmann and her girl friend for the interest: it was a great help that you were there … 


N's Ideas Hub

In some aspect N's Ideas Hub is the most significant and novel idea at Lost Ideas Lab, whose real beneficiary may yet not be born ...


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