Journal, issue 7 is first released

7 months ago | Notification

I've been a bit away from the blog over the past month, because I'm working on shifting the publishing side of the Lost Ideas Lab's website from PicoCMS to perhaps a handmade CMS.

Here is a late update to inform you that the first release of The Lost Ideas Lab Journal Issue #7 is available.

Here is a list of articles you can find in this issue:

We hope you enjoy or in best case love what you read and it gives you a bit of awareness about yourself and the world in which you live ...

PS. One of our articles is triggered by a letter from our reader.

The Lost Ideas Lab Journal

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Human beings are important to us, so is it important for us to provide those who mattared us so much to mention them in our rightings with a mean to know that about themselvs.

Some of the articles, posts, poems and other forms of publications are linked to people's name who are in some forms referenced in them.