Interview Lecture Art

1 year ago | Diary

each interview is like a lecture to me: 

Steve Jobs


Johnny Depp

Jennifer Lawrence

Amazing individuals, amazing interviews, highly gifted individuals

I hope if we make it with LostIdeasLab, be interviewed by him ... Thank you so much for all the interviews

the best the best the best interviews ... And it really get me sad, when he can't ask those right questions. Interviewing is Art.

N's Ideas Hub

In some aspect N's Ideas Hub is the most significant and novel idea at Lost Ideas Lab, whose real beneficiary may yet not be born ...


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Human beings are important to us, so is it important for us to provide those who mattared us so much to mention them in our rightings with a mean to know that about themselvs.

Some of the articles, posts, poems and other forms of publications are linked to people's name who are in some forms referenced in them.