Hopeless heart mistakes

1 year ago | Reflections

Even after all these times, there was that woman in your style, in the way you stand, moved your hands and … even after all, I find such women more beautiful than anyone else … I once wrote a song for a girl who sat some where in the same Cafe which I visit, just because she looked like you … [No, you are not the only person I love(d) anymore, I love N. and I love her body but that comes from somewhere else, Allah knows better …]

I still can’t think of you sleeping with someone else, but that was the reality the whole I didn’t saw. I should have been in peace with myself about that but in myself I was just blind about all such things …

I find it so impossible to deal with a heart that loves you so much and get destroyed by your relationship with another man so much … I thought a lot about that day. I was so in doubt whether it was a mistake or the right decision, but there was this moment, where I regret being alive and that remained with me since then. When you regret to be alive, live is much simpler. It is easier to let to go to all that you loved, cause you are sure, the person who loved those things, would have never been breathing today, in the face of such events …

God has His reasons for what happens, I don’t know why we should have fall in love, when your decisions was to be with another man than me, but anyone’s life should end one day. Maybe that was my date. Perhaps I just missed my train.

I hope the next ride to be soon …

I hope His forgiveness be what follows …

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