Free Software Movement

8 months ago | Notification

December 30, 2016 we come to the conclusion to join the Free Software Movement and hopefully in the future we will open and distribute the source code of projects we have developed at Lost Ideas Lab, may it inspire the future generations of developers ...

I guess just like books that contains thoughts and don't forbid your brain to extract their essence, softwares should be treated as piece of intellectual endeavor and sometimes as well as pieces of art, hence you should be free to feel inspired and build the next steps on top of them ...

We believe there must be different cultures and collaboration mechanism in place rather than the idea of enslaving inventors in big corporation only and only so they will be able to make a living and the already rich owner of those Int. Corp. growing exponentially wealthier compared to that of the real human beings behind those innovations ...


We like the idea of combing using code, to produce, share and learn music, to live a better life …

For more information, throw a look at Rynbook’s page

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