Galactic Visions


An introduction

to how we hope to finance the ideas at Lost Ideas Lab

We aim to be as transparent as possible regarding the financial information of Lost Ideas Lab.

Current state of affairs

Since the begging of Lost Ideas Lab till now, all the costs have been covered by Hossein personally.


Income Streams

We hope to finance activities behind Lost Ideas Lab through:

  • Profits made from selling works of individuals behind Lost Ideas Lab …
  • Donations and free-to-chose payments for non-profit activities developed behind Lost Ideas Lab …
  • Trade, Consulting and other service like activities relative to our areas of work ...


Estimated costs to bring Lost Ideas Lab one tiny step foward: 2500 Euros per month

Last estimation of costs which won't be covered if all the ideas at Lost Ideas Lab were fully functioning: 100.5 Million Euros for the first year